These cards were created to enhance, balance and support emotional healing. They help create positivity and mindfulness and are powerful tools to use in combination with our Aroma Heal series books.

Many have come to the awareness that a daily practice of meditation, progressive relaxation, setting intentions and emotional release at an energetic level can create transformation.
These cards are helpful in creating a more fulfilling meditation and centering process and each section is meant to help the user gain more information and empower themselves in their own healing. Using the essential oils aromatically and topically can be highly beneficial as you clear your mind to center and focus on positivity and inner healing.

This deck contains 74 essential oil cards: 49 single oil cards and 25 oil blends. Each card is divided into sections. Each section has valuable information to enhance inner healing and create higher vibration and frequency within the body. High vibration and high quality essential oils help to release low vibration emotions that continue to create negativity. As we increase our frequency and vibration, our light increases as well as our positivity and releases the hold that negativity has had in our lives.

The sections on the cards are as follows:

“Emotional Aspects” Section: This section gives a very brief description of the emotional properties of the oils. It might be a good practice to apply the oils topically as you work to release particular emotions. The “Releases” section conveys some of the non-beneficial, emotional aspects that particular essential oil is helpful in releasing. In the “Instills” section, it describes the positive emotional aspects the essential oil is known to support and help create.

“Creates” Section: it describes what positive aspects can be created with the helpful emotional properties of the oils to enhance inner healing.

“Centering Thought” Section: Centering thoughts are created to be positive. These are centering thoughts you can use to create positivity and focus on during meditation and throughout your day.

“Afformations®” Section: The term Afformations® was invented by Noah St. John when he had the profound realization that we can create a new dimension of positive thinking by creating and asking empowering questions. When we ask ourselves a question, our subconscious wants to immediately find us the answer. Very often we ask the negative questions which continue to create negative cycles. Asking ourselves positive questions can be truly transformational as our subconscious seeks to find the answer within that leads to our truth. Truth strengthens our spirit. As Noah St. John puts it; “The answers to empowering questions produce feelings of positive self-worth and ultimately lead to answers that tell the truth about Who You Really Are.” Using the Afformations® along with your meditation and essential oil application can help the areas of your life you are seeking expansion and positivity in.
As the cards seek to help you find your truths and empower you to release the heaviness of emotions that have caused discord within, using the Afformations® in your daily practice of meditation and positivity can be profound.
You can find the technique, further in depth explanation and information of the Afformations® process in his book The Book of Afformations® (Hay House) and

“Chakra” Section:
The word Chakra (चक्र) derives from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel,” as well as “circle” and “cycle”. It’s used to describe the main energy systems in our body. Of the many chakras within the human body, seven have been identified as major. Balancing these systems is said to create more energetic balance and peace within. This shows the chakra(s) that a particular oil is known to help balance.

Notice To Users:
The information in this card deck is for informational purposes only. The cards are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any emotional or physical condition, illness or injury. The author, publishers, and distributors of these cards shall have no liability or responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any and all alleged damage, loss or injury caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information in these cards. The cards contain suggested uses of oils based on acceptable dosage amounts recommended by the manufacturer. The author makes no claim to have verified or validated these suggestions. The readers must validate acceptable dosage amounts from the manufacturer before application. The information in this book is no way intended to be a substitute for medical advice. We recommend that all users obtain medical advice from a licensed health care professional before using essential oils for any reason.

Christi Turley Diamond
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