Hey there! So glad you landed here! Welcome to Aroma Heal! I’m known for my world famous hugs and I wish I could give you one right now and high five you for being here! You belong here! It has so much to offer you and it’s a great place to be.
So…..Aroma Heal….hmmmmm. What is it exactly?

Maybe you’ve learned about the physical healing properties of high-grade essential oils and you are curious to venture over to the emotional side. Your question might be “Can the oils really help me emotionally?” “How do they work to balance my emotions?” “Which one does what?”  We’ve answered all those questions in our first book- Aroma Heal 1

I am Christi Turley Diamond B.S., M.Ed. and I created Aroma Heal because I had so many people coming to me seeking healing and education. I’ve been doing healing sessions in person and over the phone for years and years and worked with thousands of people, speaking all over the country. I wanted to get some simple healing techniques out to people like you so that you can start doing your OWN healing and realize how much power you have within you to heal. I also wanted you to know that when the purest form of essential oils are paired with them, the techniques become even MORE powerful and effective so that is why I wrote Aroma Heal 1 (focused on healing outer relationships). It contains 4 techniques you can use DAILY to create inner healing and lists all the oils to use with them and why. 


We knew people would want to go even deeper so we wrote Aroma Heal 2 (focused more on healing our inner relationship with ourselves) which contains 5 additional healing techniques you can use on yourself along with the oils to use with them. 

Additionally we created The Emotional Mindfulness Card Deck to help you get familiar with all the emotional healing properties of the oils. I use these DAILY!! 

So combined- The books and the card deck give you 9 healing techniques and 5 ways to use the cards in your healing!! It’s a great combo to start your own healing journey for a very small investment! Can you really put a price on that much healing??