Oh, how we love our Aroma Heal Tribe and all those who choose to become Aroma Heal Certified!! They are the leaders of the tribe! These are gifted healers who truly and deeply care about people. They are heart-centered and focused on creating healing and fulfillment in the lives of man and boy is it a treat to have them in your corner, holding your hand and walking you through your very own personal healing experience. They are available to do sessions online or if you are in their local area, in person! Each bring their own unique gifts and talents. Reach out to one of them for a complimentary 15-minute consultation to see if they might be a good fit for your own healing journey. How do you know which one is the right one for you? Just ask your soul.  

Each of our coaches have been through months of intensive training and know how to help you heal in ways you may have never before experienced. They use Aroma Heal techniques to help you heal at a deep level and in a short amount of time with their training and expertise. Contact them to start creating the healing you’ve been longing to experience. The time to heal is NOW!

Kristina Mazzant Thorpe
Kris has worked in corporate America for many years but through her own healing journey, found that she has intrinsic healing abilities that feed her light within. She is a very gifted healer and has a magic touch that people feel the instant she lays her hands on them. She has been trained in many modalities and loves to help clients see the beauty within.
She resides in Sherman, Texas

Venetta Stathis
Venetta is from the beautiful country of Greece. She has a tenacity and a deep inner knowing that helps her be deeply in tune to her clients and zero in on what healing modality may serve them the most. She is so real and down to earth, people instantly feel a connection to her.
She resides in Atlanta, Georgia

Chalise Watson
Chalise’s magnetic personality and passion for healing make her clients feel deeply supported and uplifted in their healing sessions. She is a bubble of energy and instantly connects with her clients as she is able to read intuitively, the blocks holding them back in life. Chalise is gifted in reading auras and helping clients navigate through their emotions to come out on the other side and realize their intrinsic value and worth.
She resides in Price, Utah and is able to do sessions remotely to accommodate anyone, no matter where they live.

Wendy Eaton
Wendy has a soothing and calming energy as she is able to sit with clients and help them to feel heard and understood. Having to overcome her own trauma and obstacles has helped Wendy to come to a deep level of compassion and empathy for those she works with. She has a unique ability of identifying the root cause of emotional blocks and helping her clients navigate through the fog to find clarity and purpose.
She resides in Blue Hill, Maine