My vision is to have a healer in every home. Though you might not yet recognize it, you ARE a healer. The more power you give yourself to do that, the more healing you can create within you. 


One of my favorite things to do in my practice is to help people discover their gifts, their purpose and to remember who they really are! This is a place for you to discover more about yourself and experience weekly healing in our Aroma Heal Tribe! It’s powerful stuff! 


So, you’ve already read the books and love the cards and you want to learn more?!! You already see benefits from doing these techniques on your own and now you want to go even deeper, become part of our tribe and even learn how to use them on your friends and family? We’ve created a course to do just that! Our 6 week online course contains ALL THIS! 

Here are the details for that course and all you receive in it: 


Aroma Heal Online Program

Course Curriculum:
Week 1
Group Energy Clearing By Christi    Clearing Worry, Doubt, Fear

Energy Healing- What is it? How can it benefit me?  How does it help me heal faster? How can it help my family? 
The Science Behind Essential Oils
Combining Essential Oils and Energy Healing
Week 2
Group Energy Clearing by Christi     Clearing Financial Blocks

Energy, Vibration, and Frequency  How does it affect me? 
Clearing and Your own energy and Others
Protecting Yourself Energetically
How to stay grounded and protected 
Using the Emotional Mindfulness Card Deck- The many ways this can help you emotionally 
Week 3
Group Clearing by Christi   Clearing Relationship Blocks 

Beginning Tools to Energy Healing
What are my gifts? Discerning where my gifts lie, how to use them and how to strengthen them. 
Healing Our Outer Relationships 
Healing Tools Taught:
Cutting Cords
Letting Go of Labels
Week 4
Group Energy Clearing by Christi   Clearing Blocks That Keep You From Your Purpose

Healing Tools Taught:
Short EFT
Healing The Inner Child
Intuition- How do I strengthen it? How do I use it effectively? 
Week 5
Group Energy Clearing by Christi    Clearing our Walls 

Healing Tools Taught:
Dissolving Chains
Heart Stones
The 4 Things you need to know for True Healing to take place 
Using Essential Oils with Crystals 
Week 6
Group Energy Clearing by Christi   Clearing Trauma and Past Relationships

Healing Tools taught: 
Healing our Inner Relationships
Releasing Your Prisoners 
Healing Inner Divinity- Healing Sexual Energy and Claiming Your Power