Aroma Heal 1

This book was written, not as a cure all but as a helpful guide with tools and suggestions for supporting emotional healing. First, we introduce you to essential oils and the chemistry behind why they help emotionally. We then talk about healing on an energetic level. Many want to know how to effectively combine the two, so this is an introduction into that very topic.

We will introduce you to several techniques and exercises later on in the book that combine both essential oils and energetic healing in support of emotional healing. They will have step by step instructions how to use them to your benefit.

All the information contained within is provided to give you specific, powerful, useful tools to help you grow and heal. Included with the purchase of this book is access to the audio of ALL 4 HEALING TOOLS included in the book for free!

Aroma Heal 2

Our first book brought you an intro to energy healing and essential oils. This book delves deeper and brings you even more science behind how essential oils work emotionally in the body and why energy healing is so effective.

The 5 powerful processes in this book are incredible and have given many some great results in their own healing! This is a must have to add to your toolbox of healing modalities. These tools are completely different from the first book so combined, both books give you a total of 9 powerful processes to use and are written in script format to make it easier on you. Included, is a process to help in sexual healing.

The powerful tools in this book are incredible with great results! This is a must have to add to your toolbox of healing modalities.

Simple enough for the beginner and effective still for the novice.